An Evening of Colors ~ HSBC Dinner

My team and I just completed another job last week at HSBC Bank head office at Leboh Ampang. Their dinner theme was "An Evening of Colors" and the event was held at the roof top area on the 21st floor. It was a very beautiful place-half indoor & half outdoor with glass sliding doors. We decorated the area with 5 balloon colors ie. red, blue, yellow, green & purple as requested by our client. It was quite windy that day so we placed all our helium bunches indoors coz I didnt want to risk losing my helium balloons-helium is not cheap!=) . We also provided extra helium balloons for our client, about 105pcs in total coz we wanted to make sure we covered almost every corner of the hall. We then tied our signature flower-shaped balloons on each pillar at the outdoor area and a few more on the glass wall. It was such a colorful and cheerful affair..I hope they had a great dinner! Thanks again HSBC
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