Schlumberger Spouse Assc. Event @ Ben's Publika

Phewww...what a hectic week! Just got back from Bandung & managed to complete another party job at Ben's, Publika for Schlumberger Spouse Assc. My client, Mira wanted a paper flower backdrop & 20pcs of hanging paper flowers for their event & the colors were red, purple, pink & orange. My team & I reached Ben's restaurant around 3pm & we started to decorate the place with our paper flowers. I personally love the lighting and ambience of the place..dim lights & paper flowers create such a romantic mood! The only thing missing were some candles & smaller paper flowers on each table..hopefully Mira will consider that in her next party *ehem* *wink2*..As my team & I were installing the backdrop we heard some of the restaurant staff & the early party guests complimenting our decor..which really made our day. Thank you guys, thanks to my team & thank you Mira! 


If you want us to decorate your party/event, kindly email us at for enquiries. We can customize our paper flowers (color & size) as per your request;)


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