Alayna Hakim's 1st Bday Party~Rainbow Theme @Glenmarie Golf Club

Finally..a rainbow theme!Yay! That was my 1st reaction when my client Tia requested this theme for her daughter's 1st birthday at Pine Cafe, Glenmarie Golf Club. Decorating a rainbow balloon arch & a photoshoot backdrop for Tia's party was such a joy..rainbow just reminds me of a care free childhood:) Tia wanted her daughter's pictures on the backdrop so my team & I printed out the pictures she gave us, we then decorated the edges & hanged them in chronological order using jute twine & little wooden clothes peg. We also decorated the backdrop with a few rainbow paper flowers & butterflies. We hope Tia & her family loved the deco.Happy 1st bday again Alayna Hakim!

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1st Bday Party~CARS Theme @ MAB Brickfields

My team & I just did another party last Saturday at MAB Complex in Brickfields for Jonathan's adorable 1yr old son, J.Vishal Gerrard Sebastian. The party theme was Cars & Jonathan wanted a simple balloon arch, balloon decor for the hall, a party banner, a party welcome note on easel & candy buffet decorations. I did the banner design & printables for the candy buffet based on Jonathan's birthday invitation card which he had prepared earlier & the theme color were red,black & a touch of yellow. We completed the deco around 7.30pm & came back 3 hours later. It was such a joy to see the kids running around having a blast & we even saw them dancing Gangnam style..hehe..We also made new friends that day, Mr Haruvi the clown & the crew from MASK Entertainment. Thanks again Jonathan & wifey for hiring us. You guys are awesome!

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Schlumberger Spouse Assc. Event @ Ben's Publika

Phewww...what a hectic week! Just got back from Bandung & managed to complete another party job at Ben's, Publika for Schlumberger Spouse Assc. My client, Mira wanted a paper flower backdrop & 20pcs of hanging paper flowers for their event & the colors were red, purple, pink & orange. My team & I reached Ben's restaurant around 3pm & we started to decorate the place with our paper flowers. I personally love the lighting and ambience of the place..dim lights & paper flowers create such a romantic mood! The only thing missing were some candles & smaller paper flowers on each table..hopefully Mira will consider that in her next party *ehem* *wink2*..As my team & I were installing the backdrop we heard some of the restaurant staff & the early party guests complimenting our decor..which really made our day. Thank you guys, thanks to my team & thank you Mira! 


If you want us to decorate your party/event, kindly email us at for enquiries. We can customize our paper flowers (color & size) as per your request;)

An Evening of Colors ~ HSBC Dinner

My team and I just completed another job last week at HSBC Bank head office at Leboh Ampang. Their dinner theme was "An Evening of Colors" and the event was held at the roof top area on the 21st floor. It was a very beautiful place-half indoor & half outdoor with glass sliding doors. We decorated the area with 5 balloon colors ie. red, blue, yellow, green & purple as requested by our client. It was quite windy that day so we placed all our helium bunches indoors coz I didnt want to risk losing my helium balloons-helium is not cheap!=) . We also provided extra helium balloons for our client, about 105pcs in total coz we wanted to make sure we covered almost every corner of the hall. We then tied our signature flower-shaped balloons on each pillar at the outdoor area and a few more on the glass wall. It was such a colorful and cheerful affair..I hope they had a great dinner! Thanks again HSBC
Email to treschic.thepartyplanner@gmail for price enquiries;)


2012 Graduation Dinner @ UIA

I got a call from UIA last week requesting for a balloon arch with simple letter banner and helium balloons for their graduation dinner. The theme was Arabian Nite and my client, Azie wanted royal purple and gold balloons. I usually take orders at least 2 weeks prior to the event but considering the job didnt require too much prep I agreed to her request. My team and I went to the Banquet Hall at Level 5 of Central Complex and we took about 3.5hours to finish the job- Thanks to my dedicated assistants Ika, Ain & Hafidzul. We decorated each table with 3 helium balloons; I mixed gold, metallic lilac and royal purple and put clusters of balloons at both sides of the hall. We then placed the balloon arch at the corner of the hall as requested by my client. The event started at 8pm and ended 2 hours later. It was fun to see the UIA staff playing with the balloons after the event ended. Thanks again Azie;) Lets keep in touch!


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Poolside Bday Bash @ Andalucia, Pantai Hillpark

Just did another party last week at Andalucia Apt, Pantai Hillpark after a long 1 month hiatus due to Ramadhan. My gorgeous client Mira wanted a balloon arch and some simple balloon decor for her daughter's 6th birthday (if I'm not mistaken). We arrived at the pool area around 8am (the earliest team to arrive!) and we started pumping our pink & orange balloons for the arch. Didnt want to waste anytime coz the party starts at 10am..I added a few butterflies and gold ribbons on the balloon arch to make it look cuter..heehee. Would have loved to include foil number shape balloons on each side of the arch or even gold painted foam letters but my client just wanted something simple. We also made a few flower shaped balloon bunches and scattered them around the pool area.Thanks again Mira, hope u had a great party! 

                                           The cute and shy birthday girl

     Email to for price enquiries;)

Kaviyashree's 3rd Bday @ Sri Damansara Club

Last weekend me & my team put together the sweetest pink, purple & gold 3rd birthday party for little Kaviyashree at Sri Damansara Club. When my client, Sujata forwarded pictures of the venue, I instantly had this idea of making a number 3 painted in gold with some paper flowers hanging from the chandelier. From the centre of the chandelier, we then stretched some paper streamers in matching purple & pink to the four beams in the hall. The rest of the beams and walls were decorated with our signature flower-shaped balloon bunches. I personally would have loved to add more paper flowers & place cards on each guest table but my client wanted a simple party package so I hope she loved the simple decor. Thanks again Sujata

P/S: Im planning to make 6-petal balloon bunches for my next party (can't wait!). Im sure u must be bored with my signature balloon bunches by now...So stay tuned!;)


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Evon's 21st Bday @ Lemon Garden Shangri-La

It was love at first sight when I first surveyed this area for my client, Evon's 21st birthday party. This beautiful glass room located at Lemon Garden Cafe, Shangri-La was the perfect venue for a nice romantic birthday celebration. Evon wanted something simple yet elegant & she loves violet & white with a little bit of pink so I decorated each table with glass vase & my signature paper flowers with lots of candles. As the sun set the entire room was transformed into this glowy beautiful room. I'm glad Evon & her mum loved the decor. We managed to complete our job in less than 2 hours..thanks to my lovely assistants & Shangri-La's friendly & helpful staff ;) The restaurant staff were excited when we gave away the balloons after the party ended. Happy 21st Evon & stay gorgeous always!

 If you would like us to decorate your party kindly email to for any enquiries.

Dr Arthur's 70th Bday @Ciao Ristorante,Off Jalan Tun Razak

What a hectic weekend..Juggling meetings with clients, party preparations plus my lil bro's merisik preparation..phew! Thank God everything went smoothly as planned. Just did a birthday party decoration for Dr Arthur's 70th at Ciao Ristorante, Jln Kg Pandan off Jln Tun Razak last Saturday. The event started at 7pm but I was there super early with my assistant to decorate the place since we had to cover the entire restaurant. The theme color were gold, silver & black so I decorated each room with flower-shaped balloon bunches with gold ribbons. The entrance was furnished with balloon bunches, a customized party welcome note on an easel & gold foil balloons. The outdoor stage area was also decorated with balloon bunches & a set of foil balloons. Im glad the color combo gave a very elegant look to the place. The restaurant owner & staff were all very friendly & kind enough to lend us their ladder for us to hang the balloons.
I hope Dr Arthur (if you're reading this!) had an awesome 70th ;)



It's been quite a hectic week replying emails, enquiries & bday party decorations (not that I'm complaining) but somehow I still manage to find some time to blog..hehe..Just did a bday party decoration for my client's daughter's 1st bday party. My client wanted the color theme to match her daughter's dress so I decided to go for pink & yellow. I made several shades of pink & yellow paper flowers for feature wall decoration & a few more smaller ones for the table centrepiece. The table edges were also garnished with pink & yellow papers. I also decorated the walls & easel with pink & yellow flower-shaped balloons with curled ribbons. Glad that my client loved it..♥

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Bubblegum Pink, Baby Blue & White balloons were the colors for last week's full moon party decoration I did at Armanee Terrace for my client's adorable daughter Angelina. The full moon party was held in a hall & I made several flower shaped balloon bunches with the help of my 2 lovely assistants to cover the four corners of the hall. The easel stand with customized print was also garnished with balloons & curled ribbons to make it more festive looking. The feature wall was decorated with a simple letter banner & cluster of balloons on each side. If you're interested to have a simple party decor like this, please email to

Guess thats all for today..another party awaits!


Just did a simple decor for my client to celebrate her hubby & cute daughter's birthday party at The Club, Damansara. I usually accept orders at least 2 weeks from event date but since my client's request was for something super simple & she didnt mind the color theme I accepted her order =). The theme was black & red so I decorated each post with flower-shaped balloons & tied more balloons at the guest chairs. Each guest table was adorned with paper flower to complete the party look. My client was happy with the simple decor & it was fun to see some of the kids running around playing with the balloons. I'm glad that everyone had a great time!

More party pics....

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Just completed an event last weekend at Westin KL. The theme was Enchanted Spring and my client wanted something simple so I decided to have twigs, butterflies, a little bit of green moss and my favorite paper flowers for the decor. We started assembling slightly after 12 and it took us about 6 hours to assemble the entire backdrop including the helium balloons! The major constrain was the position of the projector screen which was directly on top of the stage. Luckily the Westin staff were kind enough to shift the 24' x 12' stage right to the wall which gave us about <2' for our backdrop width. We tested the projector screen up and down several times and it was perfect....phew! Once the job was completed my assistant and I headed to Pavilion for our dinner and waited till the event ended around 11.45pm coz we had to dismantle the entire thing the very same day. We gave away the helium balloons to the children at the event and it was exciting to see the parents & children pose at our backdrop and their happy faces...

Kindly drop an email to for the backdrop pricing :)We can also customize our backdrop design according to your theme of choice.

P/S: Fyi, I slept at 2.45am *super exhausted*