Kaviyashree's 3rd Bday @ Sri Damansara Club

Last weekend me & my team put together the sweetest pink, purple & gold 3rd birthday party for little Kaviyashree at Sri Damansara Club. When my client, Sujata forwarded pictures of the venue, I instantly had this idea of making a number 3 painted in gold with some paper flowers hanging from the chandelier. From the centre of the chandelier, we then stretched some paper streamers in matching purple & pink to the four beams in the hall. The rest of the beams and walls were decorated with our signature flower-shaped balloon bunches. I personally would have loved to add more paper flowers & place cards on each guest table but my client wanted a simple party package so I hope she loved the simple decor. Thanks again Sujata

P/S: Im planning to make 6-petal balloon bunches for my next party (can't wait!). Im sure u must be bored with my signature balloon bunches by now...So stay tuned!;)


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