Just completed an event last weekend at Westin KL. The theme was Enchanted Spring and my client wanted something simple so I decided to have twigs, butterflies, a little bit of green moss and my favorite paper flowers for the decor. We started assembling slightly after 12 and it took us about 6 hours to assemble the entire backdrop including the helium balloons! The major constrain was the position of the projector screen which was directly on top of the stage. Luckily the Westin staff were kind enough to shift the 24' x 12' stage right to the wall which gave us about <2' for our backdrop width. We tested the projector screen up and down several times and it was perfect....phew! Once the job was completed my assistant and I headed to Pavilion for our dinner and waited till the event ended around 11.45pm coz we had to dismantle the entire thing the very same day. We gave away the helium balloons to the children at the event and it was exciting to see the parents & children pose at our backdrop and their happy faces...

Kindly drop an email to for the backdrop pricing :)We can also customize our backdrop design according to your theme of choice.

P/S: Fyi, I slept at 2.45am *super exhausted*

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